Thursday, October 25, 2007

Help me with the title

Oh, how could you leave me and hold her hand?

The moments despite me, i cant undertsand!

I was so stupid, insane, when i loved you so

i was a fool, how could i not see, you were the foe!

i ignored the whispers of reality,

i lived for youI neglected the moments,

i'm all empty..

broken ..

the love we had, i couldnt undo!

Oh, How could you Hold her, to your heart?

how could you forget me, and the times we had?

your lap was mine, laughters and smiles,

the tears, the pains, sadness, and lies!

nowfar from you, amongst the clouds

where i can scream ...

where alone.

.i dream

where i can recall, all your sounds!

perhaps we've departed, perhaps we're gone

maybe we were never meant to be -One-

maybe this love,

was only affection


lasting for a while

you were My eternal addiction!

Oh, how could you, love, and kiss her lips?

how could you deny me, deny our peomises?

You said you'll be mine, to the end of time

guess i was dreaming, of a perfect rhyme...

i ignored the whispers of reality,

i lived for you

I neglected the moments,

i'm all empty..

broken ..

Killed and Guilty!

the love we had, i wish i would undo!

4:20 am - 25/oct/2007Marizela.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

If only

what if; i had wings so i can fly?
i would fly up the mountains, search for freedom
what if, i was immortal.. a happy soul, that wouldnt die
I would Bring up back feelings in a world so Numb!

If Only I, Had the ability, to draw a laughter and smile
plant trees of love, loyality, and a life thats worth while
i would save every heart from breaking through sadness,
Embrace the broken, erase the tears with love and warmness

What if, i had a wish with every morning,
i had the ability to charm the world,
i'll give the silence its true meaning,
words being spoken without a word...

i know my wishes, are with no harm..
they'll remain in here a secret of mine..
i know its only a matter of time,,
then i know again the sun will shine...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My tears sustain

If my tears could speak up my hurt
they would tell you how much i cried...
i know tonight i'm so scared,
so scared to love, my fear i hide...

If my wounds would speak up wordz,
they would describe, how i died...
i know today, my heart just burns,
with every thought, which gets me blind...
If my heart would live again
,to repeat my tragedy of loving so wild...

i know it would refill the pain,
embrace the sorrow i cant abide...
If my past would mention the losts,
through my life, that i have had...
never complete, never be whole,
within the destruction, i have subside...

so could my tears speak the feelings?
could my wounds reliefe that pain?
could my heart ignore the callings,
of a death thats decent, throughout the rain?
could my Past ignore the shadings??
of an eternal sadness, that'll repeat again?

If i have never lived so happily,
would my death be in vain?
would i continue the past so awfully,
would simply the bruises of tears-sustain????